What is the Whau Food Stories project?

Welcome to Whau Food Stories. In this project the Green Bay Creative Writers will explore the richness of cultural diversity in the Whau. Coming to a new country can often be challenging. Most people who have immigrated to New Zealand may be able to relate. We enter a new culture while carrying our own culture in our hearts and in our heads. The aim of this project is to explore culture through food. The language of food is universal; food speaks across cultures. We would like to interview 12 people who were not born in New Zealand and have made their home in the Whau and we would like them to share a recipe that holds a special place for them. We would also like to hear your food memories. What does food mean to you? How does food connect you to your heritage? On this page, we will also share anything that may enrich our understanding of different cultures, information on cultural groups, support organisations in the area and cultural events. We will also post culture and food related articles, recipes and more. If you would like to contribute, let us know via our contact form. We’d love to hear from you. This project is funded by the Whau Local Board

Map of the Whau Local Board Area

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