Six-Layer Salad – recipe


Sechs Lagen Salat

(45 minutes to prepare, make the day before serving)


1 large finely sliced Leek (or 2 small)

4 grated apples (Braeburn or Granny Smith)

Crushed pineapple (439g tin)

200g finely diced ham

100 g grated cheese (Edam works well)

6 hard-boiled eggs (sliced or quartered)

2 teaspoons mayonnaise


Layer the ingredients into a large, see through, glass bowl. 

Start with leek, followed by apple, then pineapple (save the juice).  Cover apple quickly to prevent browning.

Layer on ham. 

Cover top completely with grated cheese.

Decorate with egg.

Mix pineapple juice with mayonnaise, and dress the salad.

Keep covered overnight in the fridge, to soften the leek.

Mix salad layers together, just before serving.

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